The Seduction

Life as a rock star is seductive for a high school senior from Hampton, NH. People cater to Mike; every whim is fulfilled and his indiscretions are overlooked. Allie is troubled by his changing personality, but his friends reassure her it is temporary. A research paper for Mike's Anthropology class prompts the crew to travel back in time to find out why a Stone Age city was suddenly abandoned. They meet a charismatic visionary named the Navigator who is carrying out his ambitious dreams. The mission would be a lot safer if the Navigator's people were not head hunters.

The Eternal City

     An island slowly rises out of the Atlantic Ocean revealing the ruins of an ancient and unknown city. Mike's team, now sophomores,  along with Allie's crew, is sent back in time to identify the place. Their quest takes them to the dawn of humanity where they discover an unknown human species. They also encounter a set of Triplets - called the Triumvirate - that has enslaved the city.  Realizing the crews are time travelers, the Triumvirate decides to seize their technology, knowing it will make them invincible. The teams fight back, unaware of the terrible price they will have to pay.

The Breakout

Things happen fast once the Sirens take on a manager named Jack Lincoln. He puts the band on a meteoric ride to the top. The high school juniors soon become celebrities hounded by the paparazzi. Work at the Time Institute never stops, even for 21st century rock stars. Dressed as Hippies, the two crews are sent on missions to rural New Hampshire in 1969. Allie's team has to record an all-girl band named Madras, while Mike's investigates a possible alien abduction. The time travelers discover Madras and the abduction are  a single event, the work of aliens convinced the earth is about to destroy itself in a nuclear war.

The End of Time

     In the distant future a remnant of humanity lives a simple, peaceful existence - until unidentified invaders arrive. Yellow in color, they kill all the people they find. One man escapes back in time to seek help. Fresh from a mission studying the English long bow, Mike's team agrees to assist. Together with Allie and her crew, the eighth graders from Atlantic Academy return to the future, perhaps to witness the end of time.

The Triangle

     In 1945 two Navy fliers disappear off the Florida coast, never to be seen again - until they pop up in Morocco 1,000 years before they were born. Their experience has been so bizarre these battle-hardened aviators have suffered mental breakdowns. The men create a problem. Returned to their own time, they set off Chaos. Staying in the future, they never age. Mike's crew, now high school freshmen, join with Allie's team and find themselves trapped between dimensions, in a place beyond human understanding. To make matters worse, the place is full of people long thought dead.

The Lost Crew

Allie and her crew are sent to Roman Carthage. Near the city they are captured by bandits who sell them as slaves, scattering the three time travelers around the Empire. Seventh grader Mike Castleton and his team take on the mission. Is the lost crew dead or alive? Can they be rescued without setting off the horrible phenomenon known as Chaos? Do they even want to be saved? Once again, time travel messes with your mind, and your heart.

The Hampton Summit

Sixth grader Mike Castleton and his two friends are recruited by time travelers to prevent a murder in their hometown. The target is a wheel chair-bound scientist about share a discovery that will lead humanity into a peaceful future. Traveling forward in time to be trained at the Time Institute, Mike is befriended by Allie Tymoshenko and her roommate Jen Canfield. Using only their wits, the innovative and resourceful teens take on a team of killers.

The Redemption

With the Sirens at the top of the charts Mike has become a pampered, self-centered celebrity. His friends worry about him and Allie grieves for the man she had loved for seven years. In an effort to save Mike from himself, his friends propose a mission to solve a  puzzle they encountered years before: why was earth so sparsely populated when the Dandelions invaded New Durham? What happened to all the people? They find the answer, only to learn once again that time travel messes with your mind. Back in the present, a series of personal tragedies fail to change Mike, and only make him more obnoxious. Allie is forced to make a painful decision.