Meet the Author

Mike Dunbar

     Mike Dunbar lives with his family in Hampton, NH. He began writing as a 19-year old cub reporter. Since then, he has published nine non-fiction books, as well as the eight-volume time travel saga, the Castleton Series.

     Mike has written more magazine articles than he can remember. His name has been on the mastheads of three national magazines.

     He has been a newspaper and magazine columnist, an essayist, and an editor. He has hosted a radio and a television show. He is in demand as a seminar speaker.

     Collections of his monthly essays will be published soon and will be available on his author's page

Mike blogs at:

     You can keep up with Mike on Facebook at the Castle Series page.

Meet the Illustrator

Sara Haley Santaniello

     Sara is a wife and proud mother of two boys. She lives in Kingston, NH with her husband, Joe and her youngest son, Brennan.

     She has a BA in both Elementary Education and Art from Elms College. She has spent most of her adult life raising her boys and teaching elementary education at Sacred Heart School in Hampton, NH.  Currently, she teaches Art to grades 3-8.

     In her spare time Sara enjoys listening to music, traveling, and working around her property. Known more as a painter, Sara has enjoyed learning the ropes of illustrating and honing her drawing skills.  She quotes, "It is fascinating to read the author's mind when developing an illustration. It is most enjoyable when you are able to capture what the author is trying to deliver."