The Castleton Series

Time travel messes with your mind, and your heart.

The Castleton Series

       Time travel messes with your mind, and your heart. That's what you'll discover in this series, an eight-book romantic adventure saga for smart and curious readers.  The series takes you back to the dawn of humanity, forward into the distant future, and ends up where it all began - messing with your mind all the way.

     Mike Castleton is 12-years old when he meets Allie Tymoshenko. As they mature, they fall in love.  However, they are star crossed.  Born seven generations apart, they should have never met and they can never be permanently together.  In this series you will follow these lovers as they age and mature and accept happiness where they find it - in amazing and dangerous adventures.

     Mike lives in the present. With his two friends, Patrick Weaver and Nick Pope, he attends Atlantic Academy in Hampton, NH. The boys have formed a band named the Sirens and discover their music has a strange effect on small audiences.  At first, they perform only at Atlantic Academy. In high school, they meet an energetic manager from NYC who makes the Sirens famous and takes them to the top of the charts.

     Unknown even by their families, the three boys lead double lives. They are secretly time travelers. They become a time crew in the sixth grade when a team from the Time Institute recruits them to prevent a murder in their  home town. The boys are trained as a Fixer team, specialists who fix time traveler mistakes and prevent a horrifying phenomenon known as Chaos.

     While cadets at the Time Institute, they meet Allie and her friends, Jen Canfield, and Lenore Smith. After graduation from the Institute the girls become Researchers, specialists who travel back in time to do research for scholars at the University of New Hampshire.  Allie is a music historian, and so her team's work involves music from the past. In her research Allie stumbles across a 21st century band named the Sirens who revolutionized music with a style called Chamber Rock.  At the pinnacle of their success the Sirens mysteriously disappeared from history. When she discovers her boy friend is Captain Mike Castleton of the Sirens, Allie realizes she must never tell him what she knows. That would set off Chaos and destroy his life.  She can only watch as the boy she loves advances steadily towards his fate.